Super Moon Surprise Flash Sale

Healthy distraction #1: Flash Sale

Hey…whatever…if any cake is a reason to party then any super moon is a reason to celebrate…it’s my world, I make up the rules. 🙂

All of our products, paintings and prints are on sale today for 25% off.

The sale Ends 11/15/16 

If you visit our participating shops (Links provided below) the sales are available…

GO ———> no code it just does it for you 🙂  25% Coupon CODE: VETSUE 25% coupon CODE: SUPERMOON


Hello Art Fans! It’s been a wild couple of weeks in the world, eh? I know my world has been rocking and rolling for the whole month of October. November is shaping up to be just a rocky. I know everyone’s got a lot on their plates these days, I am praying daily for peace in the hearts of all mankind.

I am being the love I need in the world. I am smiling at people and talking to them. I am being so happy with people’s good news in their lives. I am enjoying hearing laughter and giving hugs. I am transmuting fear into action oriented love. Yeah Baby…let’s get it on. Raise The Vibe!

I need healthy distractions, not busy work. I need excitements caused by acts of love and kindness. I need the support of my fellow humans, tribe mates. I need to share some love and I need to get some too. I need to continue to remain, naked and vulnerable to myself and learn to use those feelings as the superpower that they are. I need to reach other humans that think like I do and those who don’t, too. I need safe places. I need contrasting people. I need. You need. We all need and it’s okay to be needful. It’s human to have needs, not weakness.

I say we go back to building that world together, every human heart. I say we stop being afraid and start being fierce. I say we get back to the business of actual living and ready our souls for whatever may come, with love. That we feed our souls, with great care for the tender bits of others. I say, we get back to being who we thought we were in the first place and manifest that change into reality. Let’s get back to work building a world outside the corporate mind-think. We were already fired up and doing it, nothing for it now but to get back to work.  Back to the life that will continue regardless…if ignored this will fester, if worked with…this is fertile ground, holy, sacred, fertile ground. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Love always, HA! <3



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