Dream Dancer-New Art- New AlleyVision Mini Movie

Hello Art Fans 🙂 I’ve been working hard in studio…the Madonna is almost done and I finished this new little painting, called Dream Dancer…she was so much fun and so meaningful in processing the world we live in. I am told I am “too sensitive” to that, I say “thank you for noticing”. I am a tender heart, I don’t plan on changing it, it’s my super power. This dancer came in a dream…a dream with a message. I was given a huge download of symbols…and I woke and drew them out as much as I could remember. Then I went looking to find out if any of them were real…it was incredible, all of them were real and spanned eons of human communication.  I found the message almost immediately. I know this is divine communication from source. I am receiving dear Lord, I am tuned in, turned on and ready to share what I learn, in the now. I am not going to tell what I learned, as the message  was personal for me.  I will create a legend for the symbols…so the new owner can decipher the story if they so wish, or may find that the message IS for them, too…this is a talisman painting with work to do in the world. Powerful in LOVE magic, direct, from source, channeled through this battered and tired soul to you….to kiss your heart and bring passionate peace to your living space. <3 Love always, HA! 


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