Translate the frequency

A inventory,




heart pumping,

a soul vortex.

Components of pain,

roles, titles, job descriptions,


value added by duties silently performed,


waiting for a future, saying yes,

this is what I want,

without  particular  pain in the wait,


praying for interventions outside,

there is no rescue, the way out is in,

explaining reality through an ego designed for individuality.

Love fuels co-creation, funnels created

in swirls of glittery dust

we lean into the need

asking creates instant frequency

resonance is fleeting

mourning deaths, mini to macro

chaos teaches us who we are

adversity builds walls, climbing,

protecting fragile love filled muscles

transcribing who we are

according to the story survived.

Growing whole humans is hard

in a fragmented hologram

time  a construct of observational science,

slavery for shape-sifters.

At the waters edge

toes digging into ancient space particles,

light penetrates my  rusty crown

highest self opening

flooding the core  with

feather-light buttery strength

telling a new story.

Calling to the watch tower

ready to spin the wheel

once more

this cheesecloth soul

hand-less heart at the wheel,

daughter of the storm

with ash washed feet

do you dare to self-master your keep?

HA! 2016


I’m working on new stuff…later in the day when I have more time I will post pictures of the new painting…it’s called Madonna in the Lotus Garden. You can see the current progress pictures in the social media links 🙂 —–> right over there.14695314_10154797714343714_1586181180691632594_n

Love always, HA! <3







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