Last day to Party

Hello everyone, It’s me your intrepid and dedicated art adventurer! I had quite the month here in studio, regular life and interior (inside the brain pan)  life. OMG! Swoosh, fishtale wiggle and September is outta here!

It is fine by me, this month has been hard on the daily. You know me though, when life is hard and brittle around the edges, my motto is, get in the studio and work like the devil’s lighting matches. 🙂

So, over at the Etsy store we will be ending the Birthday Bash, I love you for making my art life possible, sale is ending tonight at midnight PST. 

I added a lot of new works and took down some older ones, so if you have not stopped by the sales floor…scoot! Get on outta here! lol Just kidding….

Here’s a few shots from this week in the studio. I take at least three progress photos of my work day everyday and I usually, work 6 days a week. I share them on Instagram & Facebook daily. The links are right over there in the side bar —–> come hang out with us all and join in the daily conversation, please join us!

I really love painting for YOU. I love interacting with YOU. I adore feedback and conversations deep and light with YOU. I love seeing everyone’s great news, happy pictures, new people and adventures from YOU. Painting in this almost live way daily keeps me inspired and working hard at my craft and that’s because of YOU. Thank you, I love you. I really do. Without YOU, I would not be Me. That makes us both, mutually important to the ART of living! Wow, look at us co-creating a better world, together…we rock!

So…the picture, yes here we go…


#artistproblems Another cute dress bites the dust…all my clothes look like this now. Sheesh


The LongNeck Sisters went to the Multiverse fair and rode the time machine…we played all week. I tell the story daily as it evolves…on social media channels.


Thor showed up and started flying around with his magic goats on my finished work “Day Dreaming”…He is a God/Myth so he does what he wants…I’m loving the flying goats though. I really am.


The long neck sisters keep me busy, those two have a ton of detail work going on and I’m loving them.

14449016_10154722079748714_2859937183390876464_n (1).jpg

Here’s the Wonder Wall this morning. You can see a little of WA’s new work, far right. I am loving that one, it’s huge and lovely. Thor ended up getting in =to rework right away…he’s a little vain! He said he didn’t look Godly enough so back to the start…hey, his hammer makes lightening. So, he gets what he wants, plus…flying goats. Am I right?

OK, I’ve actually run myself ragged this month and am feeling it big time today. I am going to rest and not work today…yeah, well at least thats the plan. 🙂 Have a great day and a wonderful weekend, I love you! HA! <3



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  1. Faith-Madgalene
    February 26, 2017

    Love the green, orange, blue one. i really, really like that.


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