Day 2 of Personal 10 day challenge

Hey everyone, how’s it going so far this week for you? Me? Oh you know, just creating timed challenges for myself and working like my life depends on meeting the deadline…you know, just for shits-n-giggles.

The challenge goes like this…I gave myself 10 days to recreate three recycled furniture pieces…well, now it’s four because the stools are a matching pair, instead of just one. I have one lazy Susan, One little half-moon table and a pair of modern stools. These are the progress photos from yesterday…we are coming right along.

The other half of the challenge is to also sell them in that time frame…make, bake and move them on out. I wonder if I can do it? Let’s see…I’ll post daily progress and you can see what happens, too. It’s a big mystery and I love a good mystery.

Here’s the shoots from yesterday:




The table got a kiss this morning…I am going to make it a dog leash/supplies table. It’s gonna blow your mind with useful adorable-ness. Best part about it? When it’s all decked out, I can take the legs off and ship it anywhere! Bwhahahahahah…er, excuse me. I am having fun with it though, here’s today’s start picture…I’ll be back tomorrow to show you what I got done today. Onward! Bang the gong! Sound the horns! She’s making practical, fun & functional art! 🙂


It’s all good my peeps, it’s all good. Have the day! Love Always, HA! <3

P.S. If you have some cash laying around and feel like buying some art (this artist needs supplies, like omg) please don’t hesitate to message me or visit the Etsy Store  or the Red Bubble Store or now the Vango Store. Dare to be original and buy some art today. I will extend art-lay-a-way to you as well! I want my art on your walls. Let’s make it happen. <3


  1. Holly Schimpf
    August 31, 2016

    Totally lovin the whole idea you have going my dear!!! I love them all but I’m really loving the half moon…omg, your artwork just keep getting better!!! I think an auction for each piece would be cool…cuz I would bid on the leash table right now. 🙂 Keep it up my awesome friend! Big love & hugs, Holly/Fred

    1. HA!
      September 1, 2016

      I’m trying to decide how to offer them for sale, Holly. I think I’ll start local. first. If they don’t move, because Lord I need them to move, I’ll move onto the auction sites…or I may take them to a local high end furniture consignment place…all I know is they need to be good, and they need to sell. Those kids of mine like eating…every single day! Can you believe it? lol 🙂 x oo Big Love Always, HA!


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