Working yes indeed

Hey there, I hope this post finds you well in your world. Big Loves all around for everyone.

I’m working like a mad woman over here, trying to reconnect  some dots and getting my ducks to recognize we are a group, let alone get the hell in line. Holy crap…this living thing is hard. The kids go back to school this week , so of course as the ambitious being that I am, I laid out a weeks worth of projects. I will complete three works this week, I will be painting objects…the way I do. Basically, my art on furniture or the like. I have a wooden lazy Susan, a tall wooden stool and a half moon table. My goal is to have them completed by Sunday. I need to raise some funds and if art on canvas won’t sell, then I’ll paint my art on useful things…like recycled furniture. My first years as an artist were built on a painted furniture business. I am returning to my roots. Here is a picture of the Lazy Susan in progress…


I’m painting in oils…this is still fine art people, and I have to wait for the layers, so today I mask off and prep the stool and table. Goals…you just gotta have them, at least I do…it keeps my hair from bursting into flames.

It’ll be a Galaxy..duh, I know you know that. won’t it be fun to spin it around when it’s all spaced out? I think I can’t put my condiments on anything but a spinning Galaxy! lol I’m a nerd.

I also have a large abstract painting on the easel…I don’t have a name for it yet. It’s almost done…


Untitled 32″ x 34″ x 2″ oils

What do you think?

I have had no takers on the offer to paint with people…kind of disappointing, but I get it. I am still working on the idea, maybe its still becoming or will never bloom, I don’t know. When I think about it too much I get stressed and I don’t make good art when in that state so…chuck it in the fire…


That’s a picture of the fire pit, just outside the studio back door. It’s very nice here with the alter pond, full of goldfish and the fire pit in the evening…good vibes create good art.

I have to bang the gong on my day and boogie fever into the work. I hope you all have the day you need. If you have some cash laying around and feel like buying some art (this artist needs supplies, like omg) please don’t hesitate to message me or visit the Etsy Store  or the Red Bubble Store or now the Vango Store. Dare to be original and buy some art today. I will extend art-lay-a-way to you as well! I want my art on your walls. Let’s make it happen.

Big love always, HA! <3


  1. LionAroundWriting
    August 30, 2016

    Great work ☺

    1. HA!
      August 30, 2016

      Hey Thanks! I was just making my way over to visit you at your place. 🙂


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