New Art The Story Teller

Hey there! Another quick post from me today, I have a new painting that is hollering to be finished…wanna see? okay I’ll post about it a little later on. It has a whole back story too…it’s been fun. 

I did add the Story Teller to the sales floor, over at Etsy. Still offering Free Shipping inside the USA, because I adore you and want you to buy my art. 🙂 So, here’s the link and/or hit the image and go check it out. Big Love Always, HA! <3


P.S. This artist is once again in dire need of art supplies. Let’s put our thinking caps on and solve this quandary, shall we? Dare to be original, take reality by surprise, buy art today!

P.P.S. every time an artist gets art supplies…it saves the world just a little more. It’s true, google it. 🙂

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