Spoken Word – Sometimes I'm a Poet

Happy Friday! *whew*  What a week, eh? Another one in a string of long, not- so- easy weeks. This summer is kinda getting on my last nerve, with the 100 plus temps? Are you kidding me Universe? I mean we live in the NW…temperate zone…dude, we are so not built for this. 🙂 Everyone has their grouchy pants on…so I went and recorded some poetry. When stressed out, go work it out. I hope you enjoy them. Also…have a great, safe, hydrated weekend will ya? Check on the elders around you, carry a few extra water bottles to pass out to whomever looks like they might need it, and love each other so we can change this crazy, wonderful world. Right. That’s all, carry on. 🙂

Love alwyas, HA! <3




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