hidememeSummer molecules,
Agents of change,
between atoms
Bouncing, wrestling
Boundaries expressed
Oppositions squelched
often surrendered to,
always changed
processes happen
control, thought
Automatic pilot.

A dream of myself
Without boundary
Skin, bone, nerve, brain
Unfettered atomic
Party raging
bonds formed
Changing everything
Only to return
To the space
In between
Slivered exits
Where everything
Blooms in attraction
spirit of change
In action.

Alarm chimes
frequency of
Return confinement
defined edges.
Seeing from
In “here” to out “there”
The party rages on.
Co-creating reality
pain transforms
Time appreciation
Appropriation of a self
In love with
The space in between
Seen and unseen
The party rages.

HA! 2015

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