In a world

In A World

Questioning minds stretch awake,

with dawns promise still just below the rise

push button, alarm slapping, last warm skin cuddle

ingesting bean brew, the question arrives with bells on

what has to be done, first things first, prioritized strategy

daily life becomes a poorly written sit-com series,

the broken-laugh-track delivering happy hours to wash

indentured servitude from tired hands.

Blindly we navigate,

learning is acquired on a need to know, basis.

In a world where there are only questions,

remorseless morality lacking empathy,

creating endless wholesale lots of

pain,           pain,                 pain,

heartbreaking, brain splitting pain

powerfully the prideful rib stands on a balloon carpet

while lesser evils make back room deals with forced marches

programming  theft, watching the world burn and churn, apathy

tastes like a dead mans penny.


In a world where we are responsible for everything

held in place by judges unjust demanding slow change

looking into boxes watching a devils soap opera

a legacy left for our children, raised unfit for slavery.

In a world where true power is suppressed

sleeping rebellions keep one eye open, one ear pressed to the steel

listening to the tide, gently rising, accepting, gathering in parched throats


(I can’t breathe)


In a world where there is only one race with one job to do

divine human awakens, claiming swords forged in

sacrificial blood fires of our missing, our dead, our lost

we can not practice being what we are,

raw and radiant,

the front line awaits the order to charge

while the devils play fiddle up on the ridge,

one last show, they spin in glory to their own glory

silently change surrounds the hill from the bottom up

rebellions require numbers,

a unified race, with one job to do, bear mindful witness

to the boiled down army of aroused ushers

hosting a dying world’s requiem, to greed.

Nothing good ever comes free.  

HA! 2016

A Poem in progress…it feels a little choppy…I’m gonna let it rest for a minute while I do the day job and try to paint a little….I dunno, everything seems hard these days. I hope you are well. <3 Love always, HA!


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