Still standing, better than I ever did, looking like a true survior

Feeling like a little kid. lalalalala

Hello everyone, I’m back. Summer requires many long weekends, it’s a fact of life. Heat and sunshine makes a soul want to play. Being that this year we are a little more “restricted” in our physical activities, we are stay-cationing in the new homestead this summer. Last year saw us at the coast, hiking mountains, and hunting for crystals. This year finds us in the back yard oasis, next to the crystal filled pond alter, surrounded by lush tropical plants and overflowing barrels of bamboo. It’s kinda awesome, if I do say so myself. We had our first bloom open on the water hyacinth…


I know, cool beans right? 🙂

I have been painting too…wanna see? Ok…update in 3, 2, 1…

here is where we ended up on the up-side down lady…now titled…

“Marking the Days of Wildness”


I’ll get better pictures of her soon…and tell her story too. She has a poem. 🙂

16″ x 20″ x 2″ oils HA! 2016 she will go up in the etsy shop when she is cured. If you want her to come live with you, belly-up to the bar and buy me a beer…in other words, let’s talk. 🙂

I am still working on the monster size canvas with the working title of “dryad queen”. Her face has been my focus so these are shots from the daily changes…




the last shot is the most recent one from yesterday’s finish point…I think it’s fun to watch her face change so much as each layer of flesh and shadow are applied. Fascinating morphology…it’s very interesting to my mind anyway.

Well folks, that’s all on the art front for right now. I have been trying to rest more often and not push so hard, so things feel a little slow right now. I also, got caught up in the world…too much, way too much. Eh, I am tired and bone weary of the truth of this reality now. The world, really taps my reserves…man, I mean it really drains me. I do feel things pretty deeply, for sure, but shit boy howdy the world is burning…and it’s exciting to be alive for sure, being part of a huge shift in thinking and being in the world is fan-freaking-tastic….whew…it’s taxing on the body and heart. I pray for us all and the earth as a whole being daily. I love you and I hope you know that. I care about what happens to you and I hope you feel that. I will always be a friend you can count on to deliver the straight skinny, as I see it, I hope you trust in that. I will never be an enemy of life or spirit, I hope I convey that authentically, so you can feel it.

<3 the Revolution continues, one heart, mind and soul at a time…not to mention congressional seats…er, um, hit the link, we have work to do. Enough said.  I’m gonna do my thing, keep on loving you, love myself and go make some good art. Because I’m awesome like that…you are too…let’s kick some ass, shall we? What should our theme song be, today? Leave me a link to the best choice of theme songs in the comments…let’s make a play list!

Be well and save the world today, love someone. <3


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