Screw being a weekend warrior-I AM the War

I don’t know what to say, so I’ll say it anyway. Last week was so hard to believe. I mean, right? Video’s of executions, sniper’s, killing American’s with no due process via robot bombs, slain police officers in the line of duty while doing good works, children witness to the murder of a loved one.


The list actually goes on but my GOD * sorry i need to pray, hold the line, please…*Sweet baby Jesus, I pray for peace in this world’s heart of hearts, please, Dear Lord, allow this pain to be the crucible, in which we rise as a people, to serve and protect goodness, love, the honor of mankind. Please Dear Lord,  give us the courage to love and protect each and every life, please Lord protect our brown skinned brothers and sisters, help us to change this awful world where subjugation and oppression and extortion is their way of being in this world, Please Dear Lord, give all the “white” people the courage to stand, fight, and change this awful truth into LOVE for ALL. We are all children of The Creator, let us see family in the strangers eye and embrace change, renew us in Love.  Amen. #BlackLivesMatter


I am white. My children are white. I make no apology as I am not ashamed nor responsible for that fact. I did not arrange my molecules for a smooth ride. I would assume that all people regardless of race, creed, or what have you…that we all feel unapologetic about the current reality paradigm.  We didn’t make it, we were born into it, too. All of us, no exemptions. So, therefore…it makes no sense that we are still talking race. It’s just plain evil. It’s incredible to me. I am not “white” you are not “whatever you are” those are labels meant to classify and define difference and not in a good feeling way. It is divisive. PC much? It’s a blind to hide behind. Look I don’t care if you notice that I happen to be white and I won’t stop myself from seeing that you are “fill in the blank”. Hi human. I’m human too let’s make the world better for life. Let’s change this stupid horrible short sighted fear based bullshit into a garden. Let’s get in the street and help our fellow citizens…let’s hold space for Black Lives. When that change has happened and they actually matter, we can move to the next thing that needs solving stronger, together. Safe in the understanding we live in a JUST reality that is protected by CIVIL RIGHTS FOR ALL HUMANS. #BlackLivesMatter This is not US against them…unless you mean US as in the unwashed masses against THEM the elite 1% that just hijacked the Presidential race and no one seems to care. Then yeah… I’m ready to hold, make, and protect space for my fellow humans, hell yeah I’m down with getting in the muck and holding your hand and raising my fist to the powers that be WITH you. I love you, I want change. I am white, and #BlackLivesMatter to me.


Y’all, I’m spent. Honestly. I just want to reach through this screen and be able to hug the crap outta each and every one of you. Man, I love us, I hope we all make it, into the light with us all! #raiseyourvibration


I have another post coming…it’s more art stuff and ya know…regular stuff…but Lord on Duty…I needed to talk it out a little. I needed to vent it so I can try and move through this week with less fear and all the courage that LOVE brings.

Because, I am ready. Ready to love…I am ready for War. I am the War. I wage Love and Unity…that I do it with fucking honor…I’ll fight to break those chains of slavery, worldwide, let’s do it. Let’s use the fuel of Love to wage a non-violent War on the darkness that threatens all life on Earth, the Evil that is killing our Black Brothers and Sisters. We shall wage War on that front first…but know, we are coming for you…be warned Evil. Your days are numbered. I am the War. I AM Love and I AM Willing.


Check in with the Black people in your life. Ask them how they are doing. Ask them if they need a hug. Ask you local cop how they are doing. Ask them if they need a hug. Look after your elders, ask them what they need today, ask them if they need a hug. Find a child and love them as they are. Ask them if they need anything. For the love of all the is Holy…look at every stranger and smile at a family member you have not met yet. Ask them if they are ok. Ask them if they need a hug. Do it. Be it. This is the Mountain top…let’s see in every face…the Reality of a Promised Land. Amen.


<3 HA!

Change the world today, love someone/yourself just as you/they are in this now.

Don’t be color-blind. Be Technicolor and Brave!


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