addictions, illusions and rebellion

What the heck does that title even mean?

Hey everyone, it’s me…HA! your bestest over-thinking friend.

Addictions are showing themselves in every way, everyday. From the Macro to the Micro. It’s everywhere, like white cat hairs, sticking to everyone no matter how often we sticky tape roll them away. I’m thinking about my own transformation…and how much of it is a process of overcoming various addictions. It’s really deep stuff and it’s really cracking me open in a different way. It’s interesting to observe these truths that surface, floating like balloons up to the surface of my mind. No panic feelings just clarity. Maybe working on these things will help the whole world with it’s addictions too. Just another butterfly flapping in the tropics of my mind causing hurricanes on distant shores.


Illusions: Yup that’s a hot potato, eh? I am awake. I am awake. I am awake and I live in a world where the great hoax of the day is…we are free and we have a voice/choice. HRC is gonna skip-to-the-lou onward to the Presidential podium.  Drumph the Trump is more embarrassing than I can bear, honestly. The guy I thought was the shit…Mr. Sanders, wasn’t allowed to be my man and my vote didn’t count. More black men have been killed this week by white cops. Religious terrorists killed hundreds this last weekend. Our food supply is wack. Our water supply is wack. Our education system is wack. Our environment is being destroyed in the name of oil addiction. It’s all screwy-louie and it’s scary and it’s sad. It’s also waking us all up to the real way things work…which will only serve to inspire….


That’s right…Rebellion.


Free thinking is now classified a “mental illness”. I admit, according to that definition… I’m bat-shit crazy. Revolution is coming. Restoration of humanity and the end of slavery worldwide, is coming. I may not live to see it. My children will. I understand that my work at this moment isn’t about changing the world at large, it’s about being accountable with the life I have been given charge of…my own. I vote with my dollar. I speak truth, knowing it is only my own. I teach, knowing humans can only connect from shared platforms of perception…otherwise it’s disjointed and messy. I LOVE. I love first. I try to filter through love first. I was not always this way. I was not always brave enough. I still struggle sometimes with the part of love that speaks truth, that stands up, that takes up space without apology, that is also loving of the self it blooms from. That to me…that alone, learning to love…is The full Monty on Rebellion. Love..good and properly applied…is the rebellion. I want you to know…that now,  I can love you, honestly and without fear or need for you to do anything to  make it happen. I just love you for existing, thank you for existing.

That’s my idea of rebellion. Being true. Being that I AM that I AM.

What do you think? Hit that comment button, let’s talk about it.



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Thanks for being here today, big love to you, always. HA! <3



  1. Faith-Madgalene
    July 8, 2016

    Donald Trump has failed at most things he’s tried. He’s quite an accomplished failure.
    I don’t understand something. People say they hate big business and they hate when companies leave the country and hire workers they take advantage of. So why now do they back someone who embodies all that is greedy and unwholesome? I assure you though, whomever gets in office will not accomplish much if anything at all. Tell me I’m wrong. The first two years will be spent trying to repeal as much as they can from the last guy, the next two years will be war with the opposite party. Then another person will be president. That person will spend two years trying to repeal……. do you see my point? They have accomplished nothing. When things get messier they throw crumbs to the lower class to quiet them, as soon as the class is soothed they openly return to their mess of struggling for power and acting for the cameras. They do such a wonderful job of keeping the masses divided by race and economics. They say “look over there” and while they look the greedy steal something else or create some crisis that now means the sons of poor men must go and fight for their cause. They appease with crumbs from their wealthy tables and people still eat it up as if they don’t understand the charade.

    1. HA!
      July 8, 2016

      It is so hard for me to “process” that this is the reality…this is reality….this is reality. It’s hard, it triggers me in deep ways…I’m deeply sad and am trying not to “be pulled under” with what’s happening inside my mind and body, this reality…feels like an assault. <3 Holding on and showing up…regardless. Just being honest about it now…what do I have left to loose?

      1. Faith-Madgalene
        July 8, 2016

        I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to trigger you.
        What I said above, about how nothing changes, is true for each and every country. What you wrote in your poem about being a lost race because we can’t save ourselves is true. We can’t save ourselves. The problems are too big. Ecological destruction, economic instability due to greed, hatred, violence. This is world wide, not just the US. We may not use machetes on each other, bombing each other is rare, but we sure know how to hate, to imprison the impoverished and give open season to the wealthy. But honestly, I honestly believe we do have a Savior, otherwise I’d be a mad hatter.

        In therapy when we do things the same way again and again and expect a different result we call it crazy. I stopped the crazy when I stopped hoping in the words of a human being with his own agenda. I stopped the crazy when I took a hard look at what it takes to thrive in this world and when it became clear, I changed.

        I do not ask government authorities to be anything other than what they are, crazy. I don’t expect them to behave in any way other than what they are, crazy. What I expect is for my actions to change in accord with clarity.

        I have to add, if you believe that adding positive energy to the universe works towards making it better than I ask that you please not scoff at my belief that one of the oldest books in history got it right. The Bible got it right, across the globe and on an unprecedented scale, these are “critical times hard to deal with”, men are lover of themselves, lovers of money, haughty, cruel and without reason.

        I am sorry if I have triggered you. You are my friend and I in no way meant to trigger you. I’m really sorry.

        1. HA!
          July 8, 2016

          You didn’t trigger me, please don’t feel responsible. Your friendship and honesty is valuable because you let me be me. You see me, you get me and sometimes your clarity is stunning…and enlivening to the soul. I appreciate you, I hear what you are saying, I am feeling overwhelmed by the “feelings” inside my head and “the feelings” of the mass think. It’s hard to process. The world triggers me more often than I care to admit…it’s a struggle some days…a real struggle. <3


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