All she wants to do is…

Paint, make poetry…and lure wild birds into my back yard for tea and crumpets. I’ve been sending memo’s all Spring to the office of make-it-happen, but alas…no-joy, yet that is.


Today I will change all the prices over at the storefront. I am deep into the learning process of what, who-is-listening and how to talk to the world in these rapidly changing times.  Wow, I mean like peel your face back rapidly changing…whew. Experiment results? Well, it ain’t the pricing folks, low prices don’t inspire sales. Period. The art will sell when and where it’s supposed too, I plan to make a lot more of it, and post it and then…with all the f*cks given…just go make more good art. The rest will sort itself out. I got stuff to do. Lot’s of stuff to do, I tell ya.


Bill and I cooked up a new project to pour ourselves into. We’ve decided to start a lifestyle magazine, we are calling it Hort * Art * Culture. Being that we are both professional horticulturist by trade and we are both artists and writers and we are both deeply interested in all things culture and learning/exploring/absorbing.

We are thinking it’ll give us the place to do all the other things we like to do, like make DIY video’s, interview interesting people who are doing/know interesting things, interview and showcase artists/writers/chef’s, actually, all creatives that we think are amazing, create a community around sharing and teaching and exploration, talk about plants and design that we love, share recipes for health and wellness and share some of our landscape and home design ideas.

It’s gonna be fun. We kinda get tired of talking about ourselves all the time, trying to capture people’s attention, in order to actually… sell them stuff. (stuff being kick ass art, but you know what I mean) The Mag will allow us to talk to other people and find out what’s happening out there. We also have some large scale, public artworks we would like to get started on and this will allow us to share and grow that end of our work. It’s basically about all about love and living the life that makes you, you. I’m excited about the whole thing…now to get it created and going. Watch this space for art/poetry/performance calls and more.


Well, that’s all from me today, gotta go boogie to the day-job and make that money. Grind on my peeps. Bang a Gong. (Bill built an actual gong this last weekend, so I get to actually bang a gong everyday, it’s freaking awesome)

Thanks, as always for being here today. Love always, HA! <3


  1. Faith-Madgalene
    July 8, 2016

    you are growing and expanding Ha! I am growing by narrowing my focus. interesting paths.

    1. HA!
      July 8, 2016

      isn’t it? I love that we are on divergent paths…on the same mountain…I meet you in the clearing for lunch and we will have dinner with the sunset on the summit…when we get there. 🙂 I Appreciate you, always.

  2. cozelinen
    November 24, 2016

    Really love this!


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