It was the Friday before

…the holiday /anniversary weekend for our young [at heart], intrepid artists. Largest canvas’s ever…(not really, it’s just been a while) bought. Paint, medium and brushes…restocked. (Thank you to our patrons for purchasing artworks last week, making all these wonderful paint & supplies possible!) Vacation time…double check. Kitchen stocked with “feed- yourself-your-parental units-are-painting”. Check.

We are at launch T-minus 10-9-8…

Ahhhhhh, sweet break time has been reached. Congratulations folks, we made it another year and sum-sum-summer time is on!

We will be happily listening to/making music, eating/making great food, playing/creating in-studio and loving each other and our family. Sending out our abundance energy to each and every lovely soul reading this. Know we are celebrating you too. We are celebrating LOVE! Yay! It’s my favorite.

Thanks for stopping by today, we will return to your regularly scheduled line-up after the 5th. Be safe, be love, No Fear, let’s get it on, peeps. Here are a couple of meme’s for sharing if you like, feel free. 🙂

#imadesomethingforyou #raisethevibe #art #alleyvision #love

bashomeme lightmeme grandsoulha2015

<3 HA!


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