I'm a meme machine and I don't work

…for nobody but YOU!

Hey,Hey…love machines, how’s it going out there in the big bad world? You doing alright?

Me? Well, thanks for asking…I’m pretty fair-to-midland. Pain levels have been high and work (day job) has been eh, iffy let’s say. When you are self employed a couple of slow weeks really keeps the blood pumping. šŸ™‚ Sheesh…money-making, sucks sometimes. Whatever, such is life, eh?

So, in order to stem the tide on creative insanity…I make meme’s and ad’s. Yup…meme’s. Because we need more meme’s in the world…for real. I know we don’t, but it’s fun to do and helps me learn to use the computer art stuff a little better…and since this show, around here is a bootstrap operation…I need to learn to do all the jobs, too. Lordy lou, it’s a lot of work, thank goodness I enjoy it. Am I right? Yeah…I know. No rest…I’ll sleep when I’m dead, I guess. lol

What’s going on in your world for the Holiday weekend? Got any plans? Working on any new artworks, craft, writing, poem, or performance? How about your home/garden projects?Wanna share? Leave me a link and we can all check each other’s world’s out. You know, we really need to hang out more, I don’t get to spend enough time with you.

Have the day peeps, I hope it treats you extra nice. Thanks for being here today, and as always, remember… you are loved. Always, <3 HA!





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P.S. feel free to share the meme’s if you like them… and heck while you are at it, if you like me…freely share the ad’s too. šŸ™‚ xx oo

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