I can go to bed with you, every night

What do you want now?

I just want to be happy.

Why are you unhappy? What makes you want to quit?

I feel sad when I become a money making machine and my creativity and my passion take a back seat, to make money for people.

I might not be a lot of things, but I can write and I can paint. I can love like no other. I can suffer with grace. I am that I Am. Behold. I Am that I Am. Lover of the holy and lowly.  Pushing, stretching, evolving and transmuting like a badass-mofo.

I define my own existence for myself, no one can define you for you. I will be myself until they fucking close the coffin.

I reject everything that tells me that I am not good enough. I remember that I am a goddamn superstar, and i was born this way. (little willful i)

Know as you go through your day today, that at least one person believes in you…me. I believe in you.  Today I will believe in me too. <3

know you are Love… always, <3 HA!


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