It's Monday, Your Art Called…

to say it’s on sale! The Grand Opening is going on over at Etsy… you better hustle, cha-cha, or b-bop your way over there…they might go fast. We have already had an artwork find it’s forever home and on opening day no less. šŸ™‚ Yay! for one less homeless artwork in the world!

You need to get on down, get on down…get on down the road, and boogie fever over to the shop and see what’s new. šŸ™‚ You never know what you may find. <3


Thank you for being here today. I am swamped with a thousand things and kids home for the summer…lordy-lou.

Me head is spinning. I did manage to finish the new WIP…now renamed to “Z”

take a look.Ā ZZ2
What do ya think?

Bill was a work-a-holoic this weekend, building rock walls, waterfalls, transplanting, modifying a shed, cleaning the garage annnnnd he painted a little bit too. Our place is starting to look really amazing. I am blessed to live in such love.

I’ll take pictures and share, the pond is literally an oasis of good vibes, we filled it’s little stream with all the crystals and rocks we have found on our summer adventures from the last two years…so, we have a crystal filled stream. The air literally tingles with good energy. It’s super awesome.

I’m feeling all open heart-ed today, I guess the summer solstice is agreeing with me.

Happy First Day of Summer 2016! Bring on the river, the coast, the forest, the friends, the mountains, the shorts, the tans, and adventures! Ok, truth be told, Tribe Alley adventures will be restricted to beer (no, not for the kids…sheesh, teenagers), BBQ and corn hole out back, but that’s not such a bad thing, we are blessed to live in such a nice place.

Gotta get to the day job, worky-work, no rest for the wicked and all that…so, I’m gonna be over here sparkling and stuff…what are you doing this first day of summer?

Thanks for being here, love always, HA!

Hey! BTW Elephant Nebula (below) just sold on Etsy for 75.00! You better get over there, I think we might have a rush on the art…(let it be!) 14 choices (more will be added later today) and 12 are under 100.00! Yup, we really love you. Really, really. <3

001 (2) (762x1024)

Raven moon also found it’s forever home…yup, you guessed it, it was under 100.00 too! Chicken Dinner Winner!

We are awesome like that.

Raven Moon oils 16" x 20" HA! 2016
Raven Moon oils 16″ x 20″ HA! 2016


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