Hey, can I ask you something?

I have a question, it’s a serious question so I’d appreciate your real thoughts on the matter, if you have the time.

We are talking about creating something like a subscription service for selling our artworks. The basic working idea (lots of room here for changes)  would be for a low monthly fee of let’s say 10.00 a month you would gain access to a part of our blog that would be members only and have content not available to the public i.e. Videos, poetry, blog posts/pictures sneak peeks and insider access in general…along with 2 16″x 20″ oil paintings a year. That’s one original artwork every 6 months. You would only have to pay the actual shipping costs of the painting. For this size painting the farthest domestic charge, from us here in Portland, would be about 28.00 (approx). So, your cost would be variable depending on where it’s shipping too (within the USA that is) but would fall in that general range. Locals would get free delivery and (giant) hugs (if you want one).

My question, now that you know the basics…would you be interested in such a thing? Would you hate having to wait 6 months to get a painting?

We would love to hear some feedback on this so please…the mic is live please, step up and tell us what you think. Thank you for your time in advance we appreciate you all so very much.


*side note* I posted this question on FB…someone mentioned Patreon and yes, we have looked into it…question is still valid…would something like it work for oil painters? I mean it can take a week or more for each work, so oil painting takes time. We would love to find a way to keep the doors open to the studio and are investigating/researching ways to do just that. Ideas are welcome, so please consider sharing your thoughts, we maybe could all help each other out that way. Just a thought.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get to my day job to try to make some money…talk amoungst yourselves and I’ll be back to check in later…
Love always, Heather ❤️



  1. LionAroundWriting
    June 3, 2016

    I think the idea is great. Two pieces of art for $120 seems a steal.
    I’ll be honest, I doubt I’d sign up, not because your art isnt great, just because writing is a concentration for me, but I think for anyone interested in art and collectors it is a great idea. ☺

    1. HA!
      June 3, 2016

      thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. 🙂 <3


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