How to Love- by: Jeff Foster

I recorded this for myself because I felt healed a little more, each time I heard it. It sreminds me where I am, where I am going (with intention) and where I have been and known and outgrown. I listened to it for two weeks, every day. I needed too.

I dunno maybe you need to hear this too? Maybe you will feel a little healing in a sore spot. Maybe you will hear the clarion call to fully integrate and love yourself, warts and all. Maybe you will have an insight from listening that opens even more information for us all and be moved to bravely share it with the world. Your voice is needed.  I don’t know. That’s ok with me. Even if it does nothing for anyone, I offer it up with love to the whole world, for the One that may need it. <3 HA!

Jeff foster –



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