An Honest Smelting poetry, spoken word, original art By: HA!



artwork: HA! 2016 oils 16″ x 20″ gallery wrapped canvas, original available for purchase.


Why? Am I Me?

I am origami, folded pretend

honest, temporary, simple

living artwork in the age of decline

encoded mortality with a mission

to awaken the lead into gold.

I have secrets no one wants to hear

what do you do with them?

pokey and ill shaped for travel

they don’t fit in my pockets anymore

falling out spilling beans and milk.

I have a mask I wear everyday

a skin suit designed to

glamour the eyes of onlookers

hiding tender bits and broken parts

preventing pity parties

rebellions and surrender.

I have a show I perform everyday

I am a flying trapeze artist performing

feats of painless accomplishment

meeting daily needs of entitled patrons

who complain about the service and tell

me to smile, it makes me pretty,

grimaces rewarded advice or displeasure.

I am this human that wakes, I stand here

full of impossible dreams, in front of

a mirror,  raw radiance beaming bright

I feel each minute pass through me

knowing they are numbered

asking myself was it worth it?

what does it all mean?

what do I need to learn here?


HA! 2016 * written copy edited* spoken word to follow*

I am working hard. I. am. working. Hard.

Support living artists, thank you for stopping by today. <3 Love always, HA!

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