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To say, it’s not Monday fool…but it is your Monday and you need to get it together.  Get back on that grind… make something so cool it’ll melt the eyeballs of the viewer or at least blow their minds/hearts wide open. Now…to the art.

This one…working title Beast Master…(click the link to go back in time and find out why it has the title if you like) and we are closing in on the finish with this one…better pictures to follow at completion…we have to set up the art photo booth here at the studio, so we are all coping with crappy iphone pictures until then…I know, but hey, we are moving as fast as possible round here, honestly people just see blurs of color at this point as we race around grinding the holy crap outta life these days…back to the art.

beastmaster10 beastmaster11

So? What do you think? If you have been following along with this work…did it turn out like you thought it would? Did you enjoy the daily progress photos, or was that, eh? Burning questions.

This next one is a warm up painting…you know that first like 20 minutes of painting just to get the whole machine a good test run before the work begins in earnest, sometimes they end up becoming something on their own and I like this one so here ya go.

warm up

This next one has a long, long history…I have been lugging around my first painting I attempted to do a face from my head, no reference, just my imagination. It was and has been terrible all 6 times I have attempted to fix/re-do it. It has been a painting that is art therapy. I have used all my emotions to work this canvas since 2010. At this point it looks like this…I don’t know what is going to happen with it…I will say that painting on this work this time, was no less therapeutic than any other. so, there is that. Is it a good work? Big cuppa nope. Does that matter? Here, have another cuppa. Why? Because…this is what I do. This is what I am. This is how I discover all those things, because it’s all a mystery to me too. I don’t need permission to suck… I do, however,  need to make that money…but you already knew that.


It isn’t always a pretty process of discovery, but I have learned to appreciate the view along the way, none-the-less. I call her War. She’s ready for it…she fights with the ultimate super power…Love. <3

xx oo I Love always, <3 HA!

BRAVE HEART ART—-> Pick a painting, name your price, get your art. 

*Note to the Universe*

It would be nice, Dear Universe, if you have your ears on out there, if I could make some sales of artworks. Super over the top nice. I actually, need to start making sales pretty soon, or it’s second job time and the artwork/writing/creating time will be made even more minimal, to keep food on the table and the mortgage paid. It would really be a morbid joke, if Dear Universe, you gifted me with the ultimate work space, the gift of new amazing, exciting work that is flowing and made me give it up for something as stupid as paying bills. So, in closing, if you could see your way clear, Dear Universe, to allow the actual flow of income to renter my artistic career (BTW thank you big, big for the 17 years of constant flow, I am asking what I need to learn to return, not to have it fixed for me, thank you for everything) I would so appreciate it. I am ready to learn what this time is teaching. I am open. I am love. I am not complaining only making a request for clarity. If it’s over I will accept that and continue to do the work for my own soul. I understand that when I learn what is being taught, the lesson will end. I will accept, if the lesson turns out to be, that I need to give in/up and get the second job. I will embrace my Dharma with Gratitude for being allowed to continue to remain alive and take care of my family.  Thank you for my life and everything in it.


Sales pretty much owns the wonderful spot called Hope in my business corner. In this last three years, I have taken to calling it if-come not in-come anymore. Please consider supporting, this (points finger at self) living artist. If by chance, I am not your cuppa tea, no worries, <—- see that blog roll over there? It’s full-to-the-brim with amazing artists and creators of all kinds…maybe they will be what you need and they could also use your support. <3 Here is a video from one of my favorite creators that inspires me and keeps me on my grind. I hope you enjoy it too. <3



  1. Faith-Madgalene
    May 31, 2016

    The first one scares the crap out of me but the second two I really like. The portrait touches me deeply and very much so. It’s what I’d call her second mask, the one under the black eye mask. To me, she’s got on a camouflage colored face mask with a red eye mask. Perhaps the one I call camouflage is just scar tissue. Whatever it is, those two details along with your pallet and texture make this one powerful piece for me.

    I didn’t know other’s did warm up paintings, too. lol.
    I like the feel of the nature painting.

    1. HA!
      May 31, 2016

      The beast master scares ya? Well, that’s interesting. She scares me too, in an interesting way. I’m exploring my nature. What i am being more than the sum of these broken painful bits also what I am learning on this journey, yes some of it is terrifying. Beautiful terror. At least in my mind its terror I create and change so it’s for me. Embracing my unknowns. Ya know? 😎 I do tons of warm ups. Honestly, it’s crazy how much work I have laying around. The portrait, funny I had not thought of her as such, is about so much…but you got a lot of it which makes me feel really good. I’m insecure about this and needed encouragement, so thank you for that, very very much. I appreciate your thoughts. 💜 HA!

  2. Faith-Madgalene
    June 6, 2016

    are you insecure about your artwork? with your level of skill I wouldn’t know why. you are leaps and bounds above many and my art doesn’t even compare to your level of skill. seriously, I dare to post my artwork on the net and get it in people’s homes hoping they’ll like it and won’t be disappointed in some way.

    It’s scary to give a piece of yourself to another person. That’s what selling art is, we can’t help it because that’s who we are, who artists are. We put a bit of our soul on canvas and have people put it up in their living rooms. Talk about being exposed. It can be daunting to sell a bit of one’s self yet its beautiful when we do. And we’re driven to do more. It’s like a drug. We have to put paint on canvas, and each time we do we have to do more. Girl, the life of an artist….constant exposure, constant insecurities, constantly driven to repeat the cycle. It’s just who we are. I would not change it either.

    1. HA!
      June 7, 2016

      I am gonna post to answer you. <3 Thank you for your comments, I so appreciate you! <3


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