Healing hurts

Healing Hurts

My skin is on fire, sizzling and crispy,

wispy tendrils I can smell burning.

Looking down finding smoothness

no fire races no charring black flesh

under patterns that bring to mind

water flashing in hot oiled skillets

violently silky vapor, tailors of skin.


manical treasure maps drawn flip-side

radioactive branding with artistic flair

slim tracks coiling spiked tails

labyrinths girdling boundaries

unmentionable losses long forgotten

unimportant until naked mirrors

reflecting images caught upside down

storefront eyes squared in the round.


Neck craned, bending back on itself

squinting, patterns blur imagery

forcefully breaching the surface

discovering a loving universe has

left behind finger print dust on

cell walls coded for immortality.


Glimmering, a clearing emerges

behind secret blind eyes, the mind

unfolds sublime origami love notes

tongueless narrations told by fireflies

tapping Morse Code fairy tales

against sinless glass.


I am the forest naked from behind.

statuesque form in chlorophyll light,

a fawn hiding in open stillness

unsullied prey breathlessly waiting

my silvery tattoos signaling May-Day

to a changeling that can never return.

HA! 5/2016


Thank you for being here today. <3 HA!

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