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Shift Happens HA! 2008 oils (sold)
artwork: Shift Happens HA! 2008 oils (sold)

Light breaks the moment tingles tickling

as thin flesh registers

ancient photons knocking lightly with birdsong

behind thin ruddy fabrics,

this  seemingly  habitual routine

of  shuttering the mind with the moon’s rise

to  burn foggy veils at the bonfire’s of dawn

begins again…

cones and rods are automatically adjusting

please stand by…dilation is now complete.

Quickening  spirit to rise once more welcoming

an uninvited reality with congenial murmurers,

belly warmed spoons,

 spines stretching like cats on hot dusty pavements,

a moment of luxury

freedom being time sensitive,

waits for none.

 Here in this warm soft haven,

 churning  what  it  is, into what  it will  be

buttery flavored daily habits,

 on-the-job-training in soul management.

Cleave to me, my toast-warm lover,

one more salty embrace before

obligation consumes another 1,440 minutes

on life’s unknowable continuum.

Sing into my mouth your legends,

I echo a cavalry of harps.

Spilled out

under the grindstone, merciless

lips stained with ambition,

engorged on wanton saffrons,

throats and teeth bared,

offering ourselves to the universe

  chins dripping wet from greed-needy hearts

unapologetic we face this day

warrior class stewards

pitchforks at the ready,

 challenging who we are

by turning under everything

we think we know,

setting the fields afire

in our wake.

 HA! 2016

Thank you for stopping by today…I’m still working on this poem so it may  change still…I’ll post the spoken word when I think I have it right. Stay tuned. 🙂 Have a great day and thank you for supporting living artists!

p.s. we move in 4 days people!!! woot, woot! Burn rubber on me, I gotta go make some mullah because those darn kids demand feeding every.single.day….sheeeessh!  Lordy.

Have the day peeps, do good and be good, spread love.



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