artwork: HA! 2011 “no fault” oils from the signs of life series (sold)

this is an old poem and I was going to edit it and re-write but I think it is what it is and sometimes I like that too. Simple thoughts from a time when I was heartbroken and very much searching for the warrior within, asking her to rise to the battle and win. Obvi…I did win, maybe not without my battle scars and wounds, yet… survive I have, so far…knock on wood, spit three times over your shoulder.

When I was fighting with the cancer, I figured out that if I didn’t let it all go…all of it…the crap, the pain, the hurt, the victim, the hate, then I wouldn’t have enough energy for the fight. So, I painted a series of paintings, like this one here and called them “signs of life”.  They sold before I could finish them almost! I was floored by the reaction of the buyer and I felt…healed…seen…and suddenly…possible again. That’s the power of art, now these paintings live with one of the kindest souls I’ve ever met and they are seen by her clients. She is a incredible brave healer and I’m proud that I got to experience, well…everything! Now, go make something and share the love and healing only you can deliver to this universe, it’s important, your voice is so important to other souls out here and we all need you.  <3


Her yearning to connect to that which
is true feminine
becomes her initiation into her descent.

This yearning builds her soul-
light that illuminates her way underground-
as she goes forth to reclaim her treasure.

She does not do this alone. Her sisters stand
Fierce vigil, singing and holding torch lights
to light her way down.

Their songs comfort her
as she forges through the thorns,
brambles and tearing vines.
Retrieving the lost, denied pieces
of her soul from the deep dark.

She’s had a terror of the dark,
terror of underground,
of getting lost,
of being left alone.

Every fear she steps over on her way down
vaporizes the demons she thought
were real and retrieves a
piece of her power back.

HA! 2016

Thank you for being here today! Happy Friday, I hope you have a safe and fun weekend. Love to all. <3 HA!

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