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Now new and improved with the addition of spoken word, check it out.  🙂 Happy Day to you. love, HA!

artwork: HA! “Lotus Queen” oils 2013 (sold)

I sit quietly, on a pad to protect my

decomposing spine, buds in my ears waiting for

the phone to ring , bringing money and

the chance to perfume the air

with yet another on-demand performance

acrobatic displays, instant access wisdom

it’s all…

grace, while doing the downward facing dog

Lavender wisdom in warrior pose.

Calling for, make me feel better,

and entertaining fantasy.

Looking inside, this vessel, is empty…

so, it seems strange when others peer within

the genie is always home and…baking cookies

ready to smile, please and praise

this vessel, is always full to the brim

overflowing transmutation

pain double back flips carving into love

sugar wouldn’t melt in my mouth

and I know how the cow ate the cabbage.

I wonder what I will be, in the decades to come

while I wait to take the stage

I wonder…

Will I feel beautiful, thankful, happy?

Will I always feel trapped in a hateful body?

Will I ever see my own beauty reflected in the eyes

of my lover and know that really, IS me?


I wonder aloud when I’m not mindful enough to stay silent

I  watch the faces I talk too

so when they show signs of discomfort

subjects can be switched, gazes instantly altered

making myself smaller to better,


into comfort zones, not built for me.

I don’t fear the dark anymore

I can see everything blind

ears tuned to the sound that resentments echo

bones ground daily into susceptible flour

for unleavened consumption

I float through this existence…

wondering, if this might be the last day.

It never is.



The phone rings, the director from off stage

yells,  “take your marks!”

the call is answered and the performance

begins, earnestly… talking to the back row

proving once again, that empty vessels

are mostly commonly used to move fragile

delicate items, of great value, from here to… there.

The stranger on the phone only knows

that this well is never dry, so they return

empty, hearts broken in cupped hands, drinking their fill.

Tossing a coin into the well as they leave,

my magic is reduced to bills being paid.

I sit here on a pad to protect my delicate spine, buds in ears

empty again, waiting for the phone to ring,

wondering what my next line is.

HA! 2016

Thanks for being here today and for supporting living artists, everywhere. <3 HA!



  1. pinkysan66
    April 6, 2016


    1. HA!
      April 7, 2016

      Thank you, I’m glad to know you liked it. 🙂 HA!


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