Life is not about you – spoken word

Artist Collaboration Time Again! Check it out…I love this writer, it is a sweet, delicious pleasure in my life to read aloud words that move the soul juice along. Welcome to the reading and the written magic words of A Beautiful Milieu and HA! As she said “if your eyes are tired, just listen. ” 🙂 Enjoy.


Life is not about you.
You may think it is.
But inevitable it never is.
It may take on the appearance that it is about you. But it never is.

The only reason you came into existence is because of everything that came before you. All the lifes and events that had to have happened in just the right way to create you. As you are. And the only reason you are living right now is because of everything that is co-existing with you that allows you to be exactly as you are. You wouldn’t be what you are if not for what came before you and what is beside you.

And everything that will ever exist after you will only be because of the place you took in the existence of the Universe. If you hadn’t been there in the way you were, whatever comes after you would take on a different shape and form.

So remember that.

Life is never about you.

Life is about life itself and the beauty you add to it by being part of it. So choose beauty. Choose love. Choose peace. Choose strength and nurturing. Choose to be the soil that grows those things.
written by: (one of my favorite living writers, check her out folks, you won’t regret it.)
Performed by: HA! 2016

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