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AlleyHeader2Hey everyone, Happy Saturday to you. Today is Ask For It Saturday. We have some real nice paintings to offer to you today. As always, you ask for it, name your comfortable price and see what happens! 🙂 Who is the next Brave Heart to join in our fun? I don’t know but I’m so excited to meet you! So, come on in and see if anything inspires you into action. Thank you for being here today and as always, thank you for supporting living artistic humans everywhere! <3 HA! (now on with the show 🙂 )

HAWA 2015 oils 18"x 24"Floral Abstract 2 1st up for offer is Floral Abstract #2 HAWA oils 18″ x 24″ It sports painted sides, comes ready to hang, out of it’s sturdy box and needs no frame. A wonderful flowing painting with, saturated oranges, intensely deep blues and greens and happy yellows with gold tones to keep the eye and heart moving along with the happy, unrestrained joy in the freedom it inspires. Is this one yours? Ask For It & Name Your Price. email:

Carving Channels 18" x 24" WA? 2015 oils#2 up for offer is an original from WA? “Carving Channels” 2015 it’s 18″ x 24″ and done in Oils. It has painted sides, and is ready hang out of the box.

This painting is deeply textured, you can feel those rocks! You can hear the splash of the water, there’s a nice cool breeze on a hot summers day. The rich mossy greens and the sparkling blues of the water give it wonderful movement and presence. WA? is a nature lover and with this work he focused intently on the peaceful feeling that the power of moving water has on the soul of the observer.

Is this your painting?  Ask For It & Name Your Price. email:

Elephant Nebula 18" x 24" OilsAnd last but not least, #3 in the offerings of today is an Original Oil Painting “Elephant Nebula” by HA! 2015 18″ x 24″ Painted sides and it totally ready to hang. This elephant started his life as a black and white work. He was awesome and we were enjoying each other, then one day I tripped upon a thing called the elephant nebula, because I’m a nerd for science and space. The elephant yelled at me from across the room, “Hey I live there!” so, of course we immediately set out to place the stars in the exact space of his canvas to see if he did actually fit the stars and he did!  He is glazed with rich jewel tones of red, purple, blue, orange…really the rainbow of colors just went crazy and wanted to play, so that happened too. This is the end result, he is super fun to live with, he has super groovy vibes and loves to hang out, hear all about your day and watch Netflix in the evenings. I hope you enjoy him. Is he yours?

Ask For It & Name Your Price. email:

That’s the offering for this Saturday, we hope you at the very least, enjoyed taking a look. If you are so inspired please leave a comment, send an email or hit us up on FaceBook Be Brave,  Ask For It! We are serious about wanting our art on your walls…so step right up, don’t be shy and ask for what you want. 🙂 Thanks for being here, we love ya. <3 HA!


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