fearGood Wednesday all. I love this quote so… I made a meme with it, as I am apt to do, wantonly. A-muck, A-Muck, she’s run A-muck again…so it goes being me.

*confession time, please be welcomed to my internal kiosk of WTF?!… don’t worry there’s plenty of room, no ones here but us. There’s cookies and coffee by the door over there…and don’t worry about the claw marks on the moldings…they add character don’t you think?*

I can’t paint, at this time, while my body does it thing…but my mind is still sharp, full of thoughts and creative adventures. So, in the spirit of not loosing our ever loving minds,  we do what we can, with what we have, from where we are and move the fuck along little doggie. Whatever. Ring the damn bell, will ya?

When I am not feeling well it’s hard to stay positive. Some nights when the sleep won’t come and the drugs won’t work and the pain keeps rolling through me, over me, pushing me under, I’ll admit that fear can show up and start unwanted conversations about what reality is. It’s a real Debbie downer and it never brings the wine, never…what a selfish shit, IMHO.

I work in a lot of mediums, out of necessity. Being chronically ill means developing a set of flexibility skills that could win me a free ride in any Cirque Du Soleil show as a headliner.  I need to make stuff, invent stuff, speak life into stuff, paint everything, do stuff, glue shit to other shit and spray paint it, then write a poem about it and set it all on fire. I’m just saying, I may have some needs in that area. Pent up much?

Good thoughts, good thoughts, good thoughts…where is the brandy?….wait, no… good thoughts, good thoughts…yeah, that’s it. It does nothing for actual pain but at least I am not making tin foil hats yet. Fuck fear…this too shall pass.

So, my question to you is what are some of the things you do when these moments arise in your life? I’m interested. HALogo2

Thanks for supporting living artists, everywhere <3



  1. fredliness
    March 16, 2016

    I’m sending healing thoughts and prayers your way my dear friend! I can’t elaborate much…work calls and the bills won’t allow me to miss it. So know that my way of dealing is to just go play some mindless game on-line and not think…just be in the moment of playing something that doesn’t need any major thought. I hope you feel a lot better today and many more days afterward. Big love & healing hugs my friend!

    1. HA!
      March 16, 2016



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