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Electric Universe Original Oil Painting by HA! 2015 16″ x 20″ finished painted sides, ready to hang, needs no frame. Magic plays across the dark night sky as the auroras dance under the crescent moon and sparkling stars.

Today this painting is a Brave Heart Special. To make it easy…we will offer this painting to the world for the opening offer of 100.00USD + shipping, or OBO. It’s up to you, you can name it as yours at the opening offer, or you can make an offer more to your need/liking. We want to know you and we want you to have this painting, if you want it. <3 HA!

 Is this electric universe yours? Will you ask for it? Who are you Brave Heart, who are you?

Electric Universe HA! 2015 Oils                           Thank you for being here today and as always thank you for supporting living artists, everywhere. Happy Saturday :)

email for Brave Heart Communications: – get in touch.


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