One Day at a time


Some days the opening of my eyes 


the jukebox that lives

in the back of my mind,

it’s always full of nickels

now soundtrack of my day, so to speak.

By the time I am making morning coffee

the volume has turned up and I am humming along

the music matters, dictating nocturnal musings into

reduction, construction, guiding creative explanations

 wishing I had an wireless audio jack so I could

warn others or welcome them with the music

that plays silently right behind my left ear

upon every waking and with each new experience…

just know, I have a soundtrack playing in my mind

back beating, all the time, I don’t think I am the only one.

If I could hear your song and you could hear mine

what profound understanding could we know?

Would it change anything?

HA! <3

Do you have a soundtrack or theme song? What is it? Please share, if you dare. 🙂

Thanks for being here today, I appreciate your eyeball, heart and mind time 🙂

Tell me your song! 🙂

this is mine Today: Workin Woman Blues <3



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