It's Monday, your art is calling

WIPHowdy and Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had an enjoyable weekend <3

This painting *above* is happening on the easel right now, I have not had a lot of time to just paint (my one true love) because of physical issues (pain), logistics issues (finding/acquiring safe housing) and the regular being a Wife and Mom issues (good lord that list is way too long, I like y’all so I’ll skip it) it’s been impossible to get  into the studio and paint new things.   Here we are, spontaneous creative expression without preplanning it out. Something’s happening here… it feels pretty good so we will see what happens next.

I’m off to check in with all the totally incredible people I follow and see what’s up, then it’s off to the day job helping others to find the pathway to their highest selves and help change the world one healed heart at a time. Work to do people…work to DO.  As you were, carry on. Have the day! Thank you for being here, big love. <3 HA!

Support living artists…we need supplies! 🙂 If this work speaks to you, please send me a message with the price you are comfortable paying for it. This is oils 16″ x 20″ untitled HA! 2016

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