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Hello all,

HA! here, your favorite radiantly raw,creatively crazy lady…I hear an announcers voice in the distance…coming to you LIVE from the mean streets of puddle town USA…it’s HA! Ok, ok… I am just stalling…I wanna talk about something. See, thing is, we really desire resonance. It’s what makes our mojo into MO-JO, can’t stop this flow…kinda stuff.

 In that effort I am going to randomly (without notice or reasonable prediction) share studio works with ya’ll, talk a little about it and ask you, yes, you, dearest eyeballs reading this, you will be requested to name your price. That is if you would like to own it, if not I still hope you enjoy the show.  Just shoot me an email: and name your price. (also include the name of the painting, they are a rowdy bunch and move around a lot, so it’s like herding blind cats around here, I tell ya.)

Where was I? oh yes, the random floating sales floor of Alleyvision. The posts will remain and if nothing else it’ll allow me to catalogue the works and get the thinking and feelings behind them…out and down. Should make for a nice library if nothing else. 🙂 I am a mutligoaler, instead of  a multitasker makes things work so much easier. I just want to create art that inspires, motivates, heals and explains. All this “well, you know if you are not pushing for the galleries and the big time collectors that will pay huge amounts of money then what are you doing?” questions will happen and to all I say…This is How We do It. <3  Because, I do all those things, it is/was great and all but I didn’t get to know to many of my collectors and fans and patrons…so like, getting to know everyone and vibe with them, is so mind bindingly better than making sure every studio works sells for as much possible money as you can get for it, that kind of thinking just sucks man, takes the fun right out of it for me.

Sonic 1 HAWA 2015 oils 20" x 16"
Sonic 1 HAWA 2015 oils 20″ x 16″

I want to raise enough money to buy a high end large format printer so I can run signed prints of our originals and they can be made to order at a fraction of the cost. We have been lucky and bold and have claimed victory on the “get a home in Portland” challenge…now I would like to expand the new studio space (OMG I can not wait to move) to be more collaborative with other amazing talents and also to expand our horizons and push our boundaries in discovery of  “what if we can make/create high quality art, that we WANT to make and people WANT to own?”, challenge. Let’s see…it’ll be an interesting experiment on many levels. 

What do you guys think? Do you think it’ll work?

Maybe being all radically honest (and smart and kind too) is a  way of being that doesn’t have to be the same as starving. 🙂 Let’s find out, shall we? HA! <3 thank you for being here today.

Talk to me. I’m all ears. 🙂


  1. fredliness
    March 3, 2016

    I smile big when I think about all of the wonderful stuff you & Bill have a accomplished. Ü I’m proud of you both! I’m sooo happy that you guys were able to get a new place for all of you and your artwork (clapping and smiling). I think doing what you’re doing is a great idea and I understand the feeling of selling your work in a fun way compared to selling it to the highest bidder, it does take a way from the fun of making art & selling it (sharing it with the world). I know some feel guilty for expressing a lower price than what we all know is worth more, but if it doesn’t sell then it doesn’t make it’s round trip around the world to be shared by many. And all of you are doing beautiful work! I will continue to share with the world the works that you guys do and someday be able to buy some more myself, which I would love to do. So keep on, keepin on and I look forward to seeing so many other works coming out of Oregon. Big love & hugs!

    1. HA!
      March 3, 2016

      You know I adore you <3 HA! Friends forever 🙂

      1. fredliness
        March 3, 2016

        Absolutely, friends forever!!! And beyond…hearing Buzz Lightyear’s voice in that last part…lol. <3


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