thisishowHello, howdy, how ya doing today? Yup, I’ve been tending to things with this “sale” idea of ours. It started out as a “test” if you will, out to the Universe…one of those pick up the microphone, tap-tap-tap…”is thing on?”, moments. At first, we had the usual…”are you for real?!” questions and a few brave souls told me they were too uncomfortable with their “actual” affordability offers…and the…why do I have to make an offer at all

? Can’t you just tell me the least amount you’ll take for it? That’s when it hit me…this was shaking people up and exciting them but also stressing them! It did seem that every offer caused each person stress…maybe not the worst stress in your life ever, kind of thing…no humans were harmed during the making of this sale…I promise… as each person got what they asked for and we celebrated together… another thing hit me…This Is How We Do It.

I mean honestly, did I ever in a million years expect anything to actually change my life with asking the Universe, on the internet no less, for what I want and need? Giant cup of NOPE on that one. I figured, what the hell, it sounds interesting and let’s see what happens. Exactly, in that order.  Without greedy thoughts of how much each work is worth, without thought to my fragile artist ego, I went mad, with crazy LOVE and rode each experience for what it was…A Gift In Time…dude, like for real. No kidding. Blows my mind every time. I like… fell into love with having those moments…knowing that we both had to stretch out towards each other, asking (vulnerability), receiving (mindful grace). This is a small dance, between us, sometimes strangers, sometimes not, in the end we both know each other a little better AND we get to share a Happy Moment together while doing it! That’s some real cool beans if you ask me.

I don’t care about the other stuff anymore. I mean yeah, keep it real I gotta eat and buy supplies too….but moving the studio works this way makes me feel more alive than EVER! We produce maybe 12 to 60 studio works for every finished “body” work…those paintings go to the big shows and such and take years to accumulate and develop, in mass, to tell the whole story. Studio works are all these paintings in between what I want, what I know, execution on endless repeat and the sustained fire in the belly to see it all through…plus the sideshow of my mind that needs to come out and play randomly in her muck boots. 🙂 As such the studio works are some fantastic things of themselves, we are professionals, but they do tend to pile up and they never offer to wash up after dinner.

So…The sale is over. We call it. We didn’t make the 14 days…we did however reach goal. 🙂 Thank you to everyone who purchased, stressed and reached outward and received (I dearly hope) my love and gratitude. (Art will be shipping out on Tuesday 3/4/2016)

We will have a home closing and be able to cover the costs now Thank YOU! We couldn’t be more gruntled (the opposite of disgruntled) about the whole thing. Thank you, each of you for the comments, the shares, the cheerleading, the cynicism and the bravery! We changed something. Anything is possible.

We will sell all studio works this way from now on. It’s not A Sale…It’s The Way We Sell. We don’t have a catchy name for this yet…but it’ll come with time I am sure, we are awesome like that. I am working on a theme song now, if I could only rig up streamers and a band playing each time someone asks for a painting and makes a real offer and gets what their heart desires…that’s would be perfect. 🙂

Ask away…This is how we…do IT. <3

HA! <3

Alleyvision doing our PART for the arts.





  1. LionAroundWriting
    February 28, 2016

    Stay gruntled 🙂
    I like the bargaining idea. I think some people are so used to a fixed price it freaks them out a bit.

    1. HA!
      February 29, 2016

      Yup it does freak some people out in a “not good, too hard, loose interest” kind of way but for those brave souls that ask and get…it IS fantastic for us both. Changed everything in my mind about “what” I’m doing with my art career…I AM doing it…this is it! Staying Gruntled…for sure gruntled! 🙂

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