Brave Daring Hearts is the Word!

Another wonderfully daring soul has stepped forward and claimed the work that made her heart happy! We love that feeling more than anything…LOVE is majestic and empowering…so is honesty. It’s Paradigm Busting Stuff People, for sure.

Her happy heart is the prime example of why we do what we do…to share and connect with other living souls! That is more motivating to continue to create our works and do our PART for the arts than money ever could be. 🙂 

Our deepest thanks goes out to YOU, for allowing us to share that joy in time with you,

it was deeply, satisfyingly enrichment! <3

Who is the next daring soul that will ask?

I don’t know… but I’ll tell you I am super excited to meet you! 

Love, HA! <3

Sinning Beauty HAWA oils 2 canvas's 18" x 24 each


Don't be shy!

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