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Dear Universe and everyone else reading this note,
For the next 14 days I will offer every single work of art, on this site,  regardless of size, to YOU for whatever YOU can/want to pay for it. (you pay shipping)
Hold on, hold on let me explain.
We have almost completed the impossible! We have a house! We have liquidated everything not nailed down and with all the hard work we have brought the number (impossible as it seemed at the time) from 10K needed to buy our first home down to 5,200! We have done this on our own with no help, I am so proud of us! Especially under the catch-you-with-your-pants-down-ness of the situation as our landlord has sold the home we currently have rented for 18 years and forgot to mention it to us. We were not prepared for the immediateness of our situation, financially speaking, as we had just finished the very expensive me beating cancer and all.
We dug deep and worked hard, we even tried to raise the funds with a failed GoFundMe campaign (you can read all the saga filled info there if you so desire… https://www.gofundme.com/ctgqphnn  we also have a page up there in the links that is still live…) It’s been interesting for sure…but we have another BRILLIANT Idea…here, it goes…This is where you, dear pair of eyeballs attached to a soul reading this can come in, where you can add yourself into this moment in time.
For the next 14 days I will offer every single work of art, regardless of size, to YOU for whatever YOU can/want to pay for it. (you pay shipping) Free Local pick-up and delivery inside the Portland Metro Area.
Mind you…this is not a fire-sale, this work is still investment grade art, but we need to raise the 5,200 to bring to the closing table. NOW. This is also not charity, no asking for something for nothing here. I am stating the exact number we need so to be radically honest about what we are calling to us. 🙂 I’m awesome like that. When we reach our 5,200…the sale will end regardless of the 14 day time limit. We are only asking for exactly what we need.
So…anyone game? Want to help a family aquire a perfect forever home in a city experiencing a housing crisis (current median income in Portland, Oregon 45K, median cost of a average small home 325K!)
Help us complete our blessing of security and safety for our family of 5? We are so close!
Well…now you can. Pick a painting and make an offer… no reasonable offers will be refused and we greatly thank you for looking and supporting our experience!
Check out the content, artwork, writing, and music we put out there for the world (free no strings) everyday…and while you are there, hopefully feeling our love vibe… buy someting pretty for yourself why dontcha? 🙂 HA! <3


  1. jjmonkeyz
    February 18, 2016

    I really like a couple of these. I wonder what the dimensions are.

    1. HA!
      February 18, 2016

      I’d be happy to help if I can which paintings were they? A lot of these paintings are located inside the site under the HA! page there are dimensions and the story’s behind them. Please ignore posted prices and make the offer from your brave heart!

    2. HA!
      February 18, 2016

      feel free to email me directly if I can be of assistance. tribealley@gmail.com


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