Be IT – by A Beautiful Milieu

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I could never put two and two together. For a long time two and two always equaled four to me. So in my mind, the way I understood things to be, was that everything happened to me. Then I woke up to the fact that two and two never equal four. It ALWAYS equals five. What kind of tomfoolery is this, you say? Well, have you ever added yourself into the equation? My life didn’t change until I did.

Here’s the deal for me. Two and two can be whatever is happening around you. Doesn’t matter where you are. Doesn’t matter who is involved in it. It’s a story that is happening on its own. Until you add yourself to it. And THAT is when you will make the difference in your own life. Don’t just follow along with what is happening in front of you. Or your two’s and two’s will also only ever add up to four. Add yourself into the equation to impact what you choose to be in any given moment.

Still hard to grasp? Alright, so pretty much all my life I always wanted things to be. You know exactly what I am talking about here. “I just want today to be a good day at work”, or “ Why can’t Billy Bob just be ..nicer, faster, slower, better etc. I desired for everything and everyone to be IT. With absolutely no control over it whatsoever, as we all well know. So I slowly learned to be it myself. Over the course of time. I am being it everyday.

It originally started with my work environment. Working in a high stress, fast paced field, with all sorts of characters spazzing out any time of the day, for mostly no valid reason. Instead of wanting the others to be calmer, rational, cordial, or any of that stuff that will make your day flow smoother, I turned around and started holding myself accountable to adding myself into the equation. There’s really not that much that could set me off to begin with, but I still allowed myself to be triggered, and therefore let the energy around me take over and gallop off into whatever direction it chose to. Now I choose to be what I want to be. What I want the situation to be. Someone gets their panties up in a bunch and lashes out angrily, I let them be whatever they choose to be. I add myself into the equation by holding my own space of being peaceful. I can’t make you be peaceful. I can only be the one that will not allow herself to be carried away by what others choose to be. In any given moment.

When two and two are happening in front of me now, I will be whatever part it takes of me to balance the result out into what I have chosen myself to be. Peaceful. Joyful. Grateful. It does not mean that I will engage with everything and everyone that is happening and force what I am onto them. A lot of times it actually means the total opposite. Disengage, un-attach, remove. Holding my space of what I choose to be is my contribution to the equation to balance it out.


I read this work this morning by an artist that I find often writes in a way that restores my own voice to myself. What a gift! I call her my own Lorax because she seems to speak for the humans…and I love her, big, big. <3 So, she has allowed me permission to read her words and publish them to share with you all. I hope you enjoy. Check out her links to learn more about her, she is amazing! 🙂 Thank you for being here today <3 HA!

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