skin deep

average thick

skinned human

animate  soul

contained within

4mm living tissue

fragile depth

osseous tissue

pumps and pulley’s


inelastic soup

oddly shaped

tenuous time-line

mortally delicate

information processing  system


meal ticket to


HA! 2016

Happy Friday everyone, thank you for being here today. <3

I’m not feeling well so I’ll retire to the den now with my blankie, netflix and vodka…er, no I mean tea…yes, it’s most certainly tea in this cup, for sure, positively…uuuummm, be a dear and pass me that OJ?

Have a great weekend and be good to yourselves, you are worth the time and effort, the world needy-needs you, yup, you.

🙂 HA!

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  1. Zorba da Buddha
    February 5, 2016

    Thanks and get well soon!


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