Desire  freedom  safety  love  fear

potent drugs  chemically speaking

inciting riots  (BAM)  personal  public

precision  micro speed  acceleration faster

than protons  being   born in the heart of suns

spongy magic meat hiding behind  shells

cradling responsive lenses  reflecting

light from   dark recesses   sacred centers

trust   faith  acceptance  compassion

sinewy escorts dressed to the nines

magnetic attractions  spawning consciousness .

Wisdom  grace   honor  strength    vulnerable-esteem

cone of silences  processing time   individual-resource

alone on arrival  singular departures   blind mirrors

collaboration on high   for audacious hearts.

Presence   faithfulness   patience   mindfulness

headliners        gossamer winged      masters of the fail

teachers learn twice.

Becoming  the trusted I am that I am

edifying discourse   the art of   human endeavor

dependence upon any system creates weakness

avoidance  inbreeding  passively destructive  skills

one door remains   on a   torch lit path

sharp right angles neon flashing lights

self-care nickel backed cliché  sidelined

incoherent judgments  lies told   to protect

fearful lips     mouths full      bleeding hearts

violence   that hides  violet flame

truth is majestic

plain to see, I can never be free

hiding   light under reed woven baskets

releasing   relishing   drinking wild air

embracing  racing  suffering    grit in my teeth

mind wondering   wandering   laying down rocks

remembering   magic   and bread crumbs  left behind

by a girl who laughs sunshine

and sings my name.

HA! 2016

Big Self for Hire 16" x 20" oils HA! 2014 (#3 in The People series) Finished workartwork: Big Self HA! 2015 oils (original available prints also available)

Thanks for being here today, it means a lot to me, have the day! HA! <3

Invest in living artists, the dead ones don’t have to buy booze anymore. 🙂

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