Picking loaves from the middle,  dumpsters

portent chance decreeing  luck of the day

she is foxed gems hidden in sewn seams, that one.


Jumping from the fry pan into the fire, resourceful

looking for safety nets, self woven strengths

he is overflowing vibrant potential, that one.


Inside  locked gates, for your safety of course,

12 to a room, retired navel base,

at the mouth where great rivers

kiss the wild sea, hero’s greeted as newbie


teenage prison sleepover containing

restraining, retraining head-strong rebellion,

free thinkers leave your bags and take notes

there will be a test at the end.


lines crossed, in the time before

computers, cell phones, choice,

destiny weightless with dense resonations

offering clear directives, clarity  selective

over  open waters     and      across time.


naked at open gates,  roads doing what roads do


hairless apes altered into aimless warriors

sprouting callow wings navigating

dinosaur soup shaped into wheels

Pythagorean  equations offering obfuscations

of what it all really means to be free to fail.


27 years    traveling     parallel paths

wet  fingers stuck into the wind  judging speed

velocity   distance    accuracy     dead eye determination

selfless wonders  meeting   at a moss covered crossing

in  grand oral tradition held fireside for the easily impressed

a  dramatic retelling of the odyssey of the blind lovers

who dared dialing Hades and  always  called collect.

HA! 2016

Sinning Beauty HAWA 950.00artwork: HAWA 2015 oils (available for purchase)

invest in living artist, the dead ones don’t pay rent. Thanks for being here today <3 HA!











  1. Radhika Mukherjee
    February 3, 2016

    I love it! It’s gorgeous chaos that becomes out so beautifully in the end. Filled me with energy! Awesome! Keep writing!

    1. HA!
      February 3, 2016

      I am so pleased to know you liked it! Thank you so much for the feedback. 🙂

      1. Radhika Mukherjee
        February 3, 2016


        1. HA!
          February 4, 2016

          <3 <3 🙂


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