Watching as errant patterns

emerge, mutate, recalibrate effectiveness

the realization, all assistance will be rewarded

with  totaling the vehicle of  the day

flow broken into insignificant segments,

and the well rehearsed evasions of

all uncomfortable requirements.

Difficulty arises as experiential maturity

meets resistance of unrelenting

willpower, rebellion led by the

entitlements of barons given to an undisciplined

ruler, creates sickness in the system.

Manipulations unending,

consistently any developments

proven to be only mindless recitations aiding

selfishly driven escapism.

poetry, the given exchange rate for

the freedom to articulate feelings

unacceptable unredeemable unmentionable

inequitable  meanderings

that if left in the fire, unaided

quietly bleed out energy meant for

important life enhancing systems


drowning in choleric belligerence

is a slow death for those

without the benefit of gills.


Empty voice given, currency now spent

demanding unreasonable requests


expectant obligations,

roll over and float

as natural law insists.

HA! 2016

WA? 2015 20" x 20" 650.00artwork: WA? oils 24″ x 24″  available for purchase

Thanks for being here today <3

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  1. ARTmoses
    February 2, 2016

    Awesome work

    1. HA!
      February 2, 2016

      Thanks…just a little cathartic writing to clear the pipes. lol

      1. ARTmoses
        February 2, 2016



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