Silencing tyrants

smells like bacon, taste like chicken


Brain pans, frying all that

sweet meat.

no way to kill it, change it,

force growth or challenge logic

left improperly

wounded, dragging wet eyes

waiting by the back

door, mewling victimizations.

Justifications will be made

progress will not be

invited to dine.


Frogs in the kettle

water set to boil

accepting crumbs calling

it a feast, sharpening steely

knives, hoping for relief

sentenced to illogical boundaries

barbed wire booby-trapped

hair-triggers set to stun

inside the round

there are no gates out,

exit signs all pointing

fingerless at each other

conditioning acceptance

grinding surrender


preserving  the

fork tender.


HA! 2016

behave2aartwork: HA! oils 2007? (sold)







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