there are no more words

 There are no more words to say,

explanations, justifications or ratiocinations

 the Witness speaks  quiet tones

the Observer shrill  observation

 uncertainty becomes truth

reality beckoning, finger crooked, sly eyes sideways

 oil spreads evenly from the top down, pooling in the heels

Lunging, attacking, wrestling

slick bodies now fitting inside, tightness.

At the gate, stopping

hands touch on cold creation, made by man

to keep us out of the garden, or inside the cage?

 not stopping, honoring in the delay

  no power can slow the speed of consciousness

 slick, flexible, soft boned as new born cuttlefish

 spilling leaves onto white cotton, contemplating stars

plotting destiny, fate warms it’s toes by the fire, smiling.

chance tangos with change,

control dipping wildly, long leg darting out of dangerous fabric.

Time waits to be noticed

invisible, invaluable, irretraceable

 there are no more words to say,

Here at the First Gate

only presence is allowed.

HA! 2016 Enhanced Visionartwork: “enhanced vision” (sold) HA! 2010 oils

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