Radical or reverent

Radical acceptance isn’t working.

I accept that, radical enough.

I am that I am.

Reverent acceptance, however, feels right.

 Wind over water, earth moving, sun blazing,

wheels and gears churning, ever forward, machines must stay fed.

Dissonant rhythms, teachings of grace.

I am that I am.

Love laced with the ancient, sharp-edged

sand from comets, mountains and temples long forgotten.

I call all the elements to my broken.

I call all the magic’s forgotten, now lost whispers.

I call for the Gods to return to the sacred towers.

 I ring the bell, spin the wheel, blow the horn and scream into the void.

Bones like tuning forks, reverently I accept the toll of being born of chaos.

Daughter of the storm.

Grace isn’t free.

It’s earned in the forge while breathing your own ashes.

HA! 2016

emerge1aartwork: HA! 2012? (sold) “emerge” oils on plaster

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