January Heart

“It’s called Bone China”, she said…

almost see-through it was so thin,  I was scared to pick it up.

 The saucers were filled right to the virtuous edge

dynamic tension mixed with cold

slowing the molasses inside from slipping over.

“Pick it up”, she said,

as I stared at the tiny plates, painted with gold

dark and fragile against the snow.

Crystals of ice, hard and yielding.

“Now what?”

“Pour it out,” she replied.

Instantly, I thought I knew the lesson.

“Is this about patience? Is that why we are out here in the cold with these

special little plates I’m not allowed to touch, when in the house?”

“No.” she said.

“This is life.  Fragile yet enduring.  Hard yet yielding.

The pouring is about life, my darling. This is life,

accepting the struggle to pour molasses on a January heart.”

HA! 2016

Digital StillCameraartwork: Atomic Age HA! 2010 mixed media (sold)

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