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Hello everyone,
I just wanted to take a minute and explain what this campaign is.

We set this campaign up as an all-or-nothing 60 day run.

What that means to you all is that from now until 2/27/2016 this project will be up, if you were to donate today, in any amount, you will not be charged until 2/27/2016 unless ONE thing happens.

1. We reach our goal of 10,000.00

So…if you were to donate today and tell me the title you want for your reward, it (the donation) would not be charged (or shipped) to you unless we reach our goal. (2/27/16)

We are shipping all USA donation rewards for FREE at the end of the successful campaign. Everything will ship within 5 business days of the close of the campaign. 2/27/16

We didn’t want to ask for charity and we didn’t want to “fire sale” our hard work for the last year and a half so we thought this would be a great win-win and a safe bet for everyone. We were working hard to have a launch showing, before this “event”. We have a body of work to present and we are doing it now. We roll with the changes life offers. Take a look at the work. We are serious artists doing hard work.

We do have a plan if we don’t make our goal. (we understand it seems really big) If by chance we don’t make it to goal, everyone can still collect their paintings at their donation prices after 2/27/2016.
You would just have to do it directly through us.

We are living in a city with a housing shortage. Rentals in our city are over 1500.00 a month for a 3 bedroom anything. (we have 2 boys, one 9 pound ozwald dog, and a diva cat)
Currently, in our city, landlords want first, last and non-refundable pet and cleaning deposits as well as added monthly pet rent for each animal to move into a new rental.
Our landlords are currently wanting to take advantage of the market and sell the house we live in asap.

We thought if we were going to spend that much money and have no more security than we have at the moment (read, none) then we should try for our own home. We were counseled over a year ago about how to prepare for a home purchase and have followed the instructions carefully. We did it!
We are getting approved for a home loan as we speak.

Our stopping point at the moment is that the landlords have made their choice to sell before we had our savings in place for a purchase. Bill and his son Leo (13) have lived here for 18 years with a perfect rental history. The landlords are new owners who have inherited the property.

In this market 5000.00 is the min. cost for a rental move, 10,000.00 is needed for closing costs and a small down payment. So all of a sudden 10K is a reasonable number, ain’t that the way it goes? πŸ™‚

I wanted to explain that no one is getting charged TODAY for their donations…AND you will ONLY EVER be charged IF we make GOAL. πŸ™‚

Unless that is we don’t make goal and you still want your reward painting then we would do the arranging and donating at that time.

That’s how all- or- nothing works. Just so you know. πŸ™‚
Big love and thank you all for sharing this campaign on your sites and social media feeds. We so appreciate every single one of you.



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