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Hello everyone, we are Heather and Bill Alley of  AlleyVision Art Studio, located in Portland, Oregon.
We are oil painters, primarily speaking, but we are also writers, poets, musicians and video content creators.

Heather has been a professional, self-taught, full time artist for 17 years in 2015. She has an energetic, international following with over 525 original artworks sold, to date.  She formally owned and operated a very successful  art business for 13 years as BAD! Kitty Art Studio.  For the last three years, Heather has been fighting and beating cancer. She is now, happily, cancer free and returning to her art career as the newly married and freshly minted Heather Alley. 🙂

Bill works for Portland Parks as a lead horticulturist and has been with the City of Portland for almost a decade now. He is also a musican who professionally played for most of the 90’s and early 2000’s. He is a passionate oil painter and is now sharing his works with the world through AlleyVision.

Bill and Heather are currently living and working in SE Portland, in a home Bill has been renting for 18 years.  He has a perfect rental payment history, that can be easily verified.  The situation for the landowners of the rental have changed recently and they would like us to vacate the property asap.  We have been approved for a home loan! We are very excited for the opportunity to own our own home and work studio.

Our situation came upon us quickly and we do not have the needed down payment for a home purchase.  We have liquidated our personal assests and are working hard to create the needed funds to secure permante housing for our family and work space for our business.

We will be using all funds for the purchase of a home/studio.

We will be offering every single person who donates to our project an original artwork from our current body of works.  We decided to do an all-or-nothing campain because we really need to reach our goal (quickly) and we don’t want it to be a charity event. We have high quality, investment art, that we are more than willing to send to you for your dontation. This is a personal need for our family, yes, (every crisis is an opportunity if only viewed that way) and also a chance for dream building. We hope you will join in our effort and end up with a painting that you can enjoy forever, in doing so.

We plan to open the studio to the public, as we are looking for a property that will allow for commercial use as well. The studio will also become a high end print service. We want to run limited edition prints for our own works and those of other local Portland artists. Heather plans to offer classes to the public as well. So, every single penny, of each of your donations, will be used to  purchase a home/work situation.

We are hard working people. We are talented.  We are smart and willing to learn. We are in a good credit situation and we have plans that are obtainable. This would give our family and our budding art studio security. I don’t know how to express the value of security to a family or a business, I think it’s pretty easy to understand. We have never had a home of our own and would be more than able to take care of the expenses for that home. We just need help with the down payment, to make it happen in the now.

Thank you for reading and we hope you find some art that makes you happy.
Heather & Bill Alley

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