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prayer (2) HA! 2015


18″ x 24″

Oils HA! 2015

$425.00 USD

Prints and products with this painting are now available at RED BUBBLE

Prayer, is exactly that, a prayer for us all. 

 I spend a few minutes paying myself first everyday. You read that right, I said paying. My form of payment is meditative prayer. I do this for my heart, soul and mind. I do this for your heart, soul and mind. I do this for our planets heart, soul and mind. I do this for the universal consciousness’s understanding, exploration and love for all beings in this universe. I consider this an act of self preservation and dedication. I consider this a form of paying myself to get up afterward and join in the reality that we all live in and strive to make this day, this gift of now, better than the last. I am reward driven. I need to know that there is a reason for doing a thing. This reality is hard and sometimes overwhelming in it’s needy needs. I am not hard. Most humans I have met, so far, are not hard either. We are soft. We feel and absorb and filter so much…stuff. This my prayer for us all. This is me paying myself for being brave and continuing a life that isn’t easy and isn’t perfect. It is instead , glorious in it’s grace and divine in it’s gifts. So, my prayer for us…is simply,

I hope we all make it. <3 HA!

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