Feature Friday – Eve #2- *Free Shipping*

HA! 2015 oils 18" x 24" Eve 2 $425.00 USD
HA! 2015 oils 18″ x 24″
Eve 2

Eve #2

HA! 2015

oils 18″ x 24″

Eve #2 is a dreamer. She feels everything in it’s one-ness and processes the information through her highest self. She is in prayer for us all. She is a talisman of healing, silent, calm and dedicated. She is available, open and welcoming to all. She is fierce, smart and determined to find and create love. Maybe you know her? She is vibrant without being over powering, her colors rich and true. Soothing blues and purples dance with playful, healing pinks and greens. Yellow promises tomorrow is another day full of possibility.

All artwork is signed, has a Certificate of Authenticity and insurance appraisal. All Artwork comes ready to hang, out of the box, (unless otherwise noted), with finished sides on gallery wrapped, back stapled canvas. Paintings are sealed and professionally packaged/shipped, to anywhere in the world. We do offer local delivery/pick-up.

Here at the studio we understand that art is subjective. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all of our artwork. If you purchase art from us you have 7 days to live with it. If it isn’t working for you, just box it right back up, and safely return it to the studio. (While we are offering free shipping Buyer pays shipping on returns). We will issue a full return of the purchase price upon inspection of the return. Simple. No fuss, no hassles. We get it. 

We offer an art-lay-away plan for those of you who would like to take advantage of that program. Art and money are both hard to make and to do.  We will arrange a payment plan, with you,  tailored to your needs, for the artwork that you want. It will be marked sold and as soon as the last payment is made, we ship your artwork to you within 2 business days. We collect no interest of any kind on this transaction, it’s just the cost of the painting and shipping. No fuss, no hassles. We get it.

*Free Shipping inside USA* International shipping at 50% of cost* that’s half off folks 🙂

Thanks for being here today, we hope you have a wonderful weekend. 🙂 See ya on the flip side.



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