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Notes to a full moon HA! 2015 Oils  www.alleyvision.com
Notes to a full moon
HA! 2015 Oils

new artwork: Notes to a full moon HA! 2015 Oils 20″ x 16″ (better pictures to soon follow)

Hey! How ya doing? Long time no blog, eh? We have been doing the summer thing with our kids and making lots of art along the way. We are setting up the photo booth for all the new works official “picture day”. School will be starting for our boys again soon and we spiral , headlong, into another season ending. Time, it’s moving so fast these days…do you feel it too?

We also have had some wonderful things happening for the studio, as a collective. We were invited to apply and be juried into the new Amazon Handmade platform that will soon be launching, worldwide. We are so thrilled to be able to announce we made it through the 4 step process of judging and were accepted! We received our invitation to join a few weeks back and we savored the feeling of accomplishment for ourselves for a minute then the sweating of bullets began. 20 million people will be able to see our works! It’s exciting and intensely motivating. We have high hopes for the platform and also for our studio to takes its next steps into fine art printing as well as original artwork for sale. We are grateful and so excited. We will share the links to the site when the launch happens, which we understand will be fairly soon, or at least, in time for the holidays shopping season.

We wish everyone a wonderful existence/state of being and offer our big, big love. <3 HA!


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